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During this season, we are filming worship services to share with our congregation. Every Saturday evening, the service will be made available and can be found at the link below.

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Learn about the ministries of Redemption Gilbert - including kids, students, community, classes, and more.


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About Gilbert

We are a unique local congregation of Redemption Church, seeking to embody the hope of the Gospel in Gilbert. This means that we continually strive to be formed in the faith, as we pursue faithfulness in community, for the sake of God's redemptive mission.

Our Vision and Leadership

All of Life is All for Jesus

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The Shepherd In The Valley

Tim Maughan / May 31, 2020

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Dear High School Senior

Redemption AZ / May 26th, 2020

Dear High School Senior,(mine is named Sophia Rose Warren) Alan Jackson, a guy who you probably don’t know of, is a country music […]

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