Thank you, Redemption Gilbert!

October 29, 2020  |  Redemption AZ

Hear from one of the Teachers at Willis Junior High School and how your donations and prayers have left a lasting impact.

This is for you, Church.

“I have thought about the Redemption Gilbert family numerous times during the past weeks. Please know that your generous donations have made a huge difference to students at WJHS, and especially for my students in the English Language Development (ELD) Program.

Because Willis is a Title 1 school, many of our families do not have the means to provide school supplies for their students. These kids are left to make do with what they can find, borrow from their peers, or look to their teachers to provide for them.

During this time of COVID-19, it is more important than ever that students have their own, individual set of school supplies to stay within safety guidelines and recommendations. 

Thanks to Redemption Gilbert, this has been made possible.

Within my classroom, our students come from:  Chad, Guatemala, Jordan, Mexico, Syria, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

In their home countries, some have been displaced by war, required to work to help support their family, separated from their parents, or sent to live abroad with extended family.

For these kids, simply attending school is a luxury.

You have made it possible for each one of them to have their own school supply “kit” in class. Students are fully equipped to engage in activities, and they can do it in a safe way. This is such a comfort for us to have this year! Your donations of pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpeners, colored pencils, glue sticks, and scissors are used on an hourly basis by them.

On a more personal note, I would like to take the opportunity to share a recent encounter I had with several members of Redemption Gilbert.

This has been a most unusual year for all of us in education. Even though I have been in the field for 30 years, I have frequently felt like a first-year teacher again as I navigate my way through a mix of distance-learning and some in-person classes. It has become more of a norm for me to work late creating meaningful materials and activities that work for both class formats and are appropriate for students at a wide range of ability levels.

One evening last month, I was feeling exhausted as I headed out of my building toward the school gate, where I noticed a group of people standing on the outside of the gate.

Being in a negative state of mind, I wondered who they were and what they were doing. As I exited the gate, I realized they were praying.

One of the group members approached and told me that they were with Redemption Gilbert and were praying for our school community. A sense of humility flushed through me as I realized what a powerful scene I had stepped into.

Another member of the group asked who I was and asked if they could pray for me. The thought of that moment still brings tears to my eyes as I only hope I am worthy of a random act of such love and kindness.

I ended up joining the circle as they prayed, and although I was with these strangers for just a few minutes, they had a profound effect on me: I had become so consumed by the day-to-day demands of being a teacher during COVID-19, I forgot to look for the Light in our lives.

The weight of the world I had placed on my own shoulders was lifted, and it was replaced with the Lightness of faith. I will remember that evening for a long time.

Every time I enter our school Family Resource Room, I am humbled by the generosity of donations made by the Redemption Gilbert family. Whether it be for food boxes, school supplies, or clothing, we are so very grateful for all that you have done.

Thank you, Redemption Gilbert Members!  Please know that you make a difference physically and spiritually in the lives of those you touch at Willis Junior High School.”

Ellie Postulka, ELD Program Teacher

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9