The Lord's Prayer

Sunday Services | Week One: Our Father in Heaven | Mar 22 2020

We’re so glad you’re joining us today! Even though our proximity and our time together as a church will look different through this series, we stand as unified followers with one mission under one banner of our Lord!

May Christ be magnified in us. Take this time to be encouraged and refreshed. In His presence there is peace.

Discussion Questions

1. What’s challenging to you when you think about God as Father? What’s comforting and encouraging? Describe what a perfect Father would be like?


2. In reference to John 13:3 – How could the security that you have in your identity with God as your Father move you to love others during this season?


3. How does the picture of a perfect Father who knows exactly what you need and supplies for these needs shape your thoughts and prayer in this season of life?

R/KIDS | Early Childhood

Lesson This Week: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry!

Birth – Kindergarten

Video Lesson: The Gospel Project (password: redemptionkids)

Curriculum Lesson: Parents, there are review questions and answers at the end of the lesson to help guide your conversation with your kids.