All Of Life Is All For Jesus

Redemption Stories | We Are The Church

We invite you in to hear and see the Gospel on display within the people at Redemption Gilbert.

We believe that stories are one of the most forming realities that God has made.

Chuck Bishop

Elder Highlight | We would like to introduce you to one of our faithful Elders, Chuck Bishop!

Beth Border

Staff Highlight | We would like to introduce you to Director of Early Childhood, Beth Border!

Brian Berger

Staff Highlight | We would like to introduce you to Pastor of Redemption Youth, Brian Berger!

Cory Kasperson

How did Jesus actually love people? Hear the story of how God introduced Cory to a man named Dean.

Mary Donovan

It's our pleasure to introduce you to Mary Donovan!

Thank you, Redemption Gilbert!

Hear from one of the Teachers at Willis Junior High School and how your donations have impacted her classroom.

COVID-19 Recap

We pray that through this COVID-19 Season our church family and our community felt cared for, loved, and affections for Christ have been fanned.

Redemption Gilbert Prays

How we can pray for our church + foster community with our neighbors.

Jed Maughan

The Story Behind Stronghold from Director of Worship, Jed Maughan.