Redemption Report

Across the State of Arizona

We are one church in nine local congregations meeting across the state of Arizona. Each of our Redemption congregations vary in size, demographics, and cultural aesthetics, and each have their own story, leadership, and ministries. However, we are all one family under the banner: All of Life Is All For Jesus. Out of the desire to remain connected and unified, Redemption Central will be putting together monthly reports for us to celebrate and see snapshots of how God is working in, through and across all of our Redemption campuses!


Father, you have blessed us far more abundantly beyond all that we've asked or thought.


A grateful people are provocative in a tumultuous world.


Lord, may we experience your love so that we may love one another and fulfill the beautiful love of God.


All of Life in All of Arizona. Check out what's been happening in the life of Redemption AZ this past April.


New spaces, travels across the globe, and Jesus moving in big ways...


Youth Winter Camp, Beginning a New Series, the Passing of a Beloved Friend and Founder and more...


Baptisms, Christmas Eve, New Music and more as we begin the new year...