by Jeremy Olimb, Pastor of Adult Discipleship

“Next to health-care providers, no workforce has proved more essential during the novel coronavirus pandemic than the 3 million U.S. grocery store employees who restock shelves and freezers, fill online orders and keep checkout lines moving.”

The Washington Post

There are lots of things that contribute to the safety and stability of a society and living through a global pandemic has been shining light on many of those places. Maybe one of the primary, day to day stabilizers is our food chain.

The calm and orderly shut down of virtually our entire economy would not have been possible if we did not have a consistent and available food supply.

That food doesn’t get moved and stocked for you and your family to be able to eat without grocery store workers.

Freddy Pinon has attended Redemption Gilbert for 5 years and works for Albertsons. We reached out to Freddy to find out how he and his co-workers are doing and how we can pray for them.

What has been the most surprising thing about working during this time?
I’ve been surprised how many people seem to disregard grocery workers. While people seem very conscious of keeping a healthy six foot distance from other shoppers, they will often reach right over me to get the freshest banana that they want to buy. Our management has told us we can ask people to step back and give us space but it’s disappointing that we have to.

How can we be praying for you and for your co-workers during this time?
You can be praying for patience for us. All of us are going through a lot right now but we are in the store for long shifts and dealing with customers constantly. It can be hard to be patient and remember how stressful this situation is for everyone involved.

The quiet, faithful work that goes on unnoticed and underappreciated is the kind of work that the kingdom of God is built upon. Faithful people doing faithful works of service are a faithful witness to the world.

Please join us in praying for Freddy and for all of the food and grocery workers that are putting themselves in danger in order to keep all of us fed during this time. 

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