Redemption Gilbert, Coronavirus, and Our Plan Going Forward

Redemption AZ / March 18, 2020
covid-19, Redemption Gilbert Announcement

Like most of you, our last week here at the church has been one of trying to get our feet under us. We are in a brand new world and it keeps changing multiple times a day. But, for now, we want to communicate with you what our plans for church are for the foreseeable future.

First, due to the CDC’s recommendation to limit all group gatherings to under 10 people, we have made the decision to cease all formal gathering at the church until there is a change in status. This obviously includes the Sunday Worship experience, as well as mid-week events for Youth, 7ten and Salt.

So what are the next steps for us as a church?

  • We are going to pause our series in Countercultural Convictions that we were working through before the viral outbreak and intend to pick it up again once we settle back into our regular church rhythm.
  • We are going to begin a series on The Lord’s Prayer that each of our Redemption Congregations will be working through in the way that makes sense in their context.
  • Redemption Gilbert will be publishing a video on Saturday evenings that we would invite you to share with your family and spend time with on Sunday together. It will include worship as well as a devotional discussion about The Lord’s Prayer led by our Lead Team. This video will be available weekly through all of our main communication channels.
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  • We will be posting a midweek video from our previous sermon series in 1 Peter that will go live on Wednesday mornings as an additional point of contact and encouragement. 

We have a few other things in the works that we think will help encourage you during the weeks to come but for now, these are the big moments that will help us connect and grow as a church.

We know that many of you are being negatively impacted by the financial downturn caused by the uncertainty around the spread of this virus so you must cut expenses. However, our goal during this time of uncertainty is to maintain our financial commitment to care for our church family, our community and our ministry partners around the world. You may even have to cut or reduce your giving to Redemption Church. We understand, but we also know there are some who are not feeling the same pressure of a reduced income so we ask those of you so fortunate to consider helping make up the difference by increasing your giving, literally stand in the gap for those who cannot. If you haven’t already established an online recurring giving account you can do so at

We know God will protect and provide for His church. As God said to Abram in Genesis 15:1 –

“Fear not Abram, I am your shield, your reward shall be very great.”

As we remain faithful in the midst of turmoil believing God is our shield, our great reward will be that He will be glorified and we will receive His peace.

Sincerely, Redemption Gilbert Leadership