Letters from Neil | May 22nd, 2020

July 7, 2020  |  Redemption AZ

May 22, 2020

Good morning Salties & friends,

I know many of you are veterans so as we come to this Memorial weekend let me say thank you for your service to our country! I want to remind you to contact Susan Miller at susanmiller@redemptionaz.com if you haven’t already signed up for our Salt meetings that will begin on June 4th if nothing changes. My next daily connection will be Tuesday May 26th as I take a break this weekend.

We can infer from chapter 11:7 where God says “let us go down” that confusing the languages was the work of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit was involved just as He was in a similar event at Pentecost. In that instance God gave men the ability to speak languages that they didn’t know in order to bring people to Him. The confusion of languages at the tower of Babel separated people from each other while the message of Pentecost was that the Gospel is for all people of all languages and nations. Thankfully, the confusion of languages on earth will not keep God’s people from coming together in heaven (Rev 7:9). Sin divides the united at Babel; the Spirit unites the divided at Pentecost. 

Taking verse 6 & 7 together indicates that there was a period of time from when God first went “down” until The Spirit confused their language. This shows once again God’s patience and grace in dealing with disobedient sinners by giving them time to repent. The fact that He came “down” also shows God doesn’t do things in an arbitrary way. God will allow us to experience difficulties but His purpose is always to drive us to repent and return to Him.

These people believed they could “climb the ladder” to heaven by building a tower with bricks and mortar. Of course, they failed miserably as anyone would who tries to unite heaven and earth by works or even religious activity. However, God accomplished this union perfectly in Christ (1 Timothy 2:5) “For there is one God and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” He is the only one who could arbitrate between God and man and reconcile us. He is the only one who has experienced the glory of heaven and the trials and temptations of humanity. Therefore, let us trust only in Him and His sacrifice on our behalf at the Cross of Calvary for our salvation and right relationship with our Heavenly Father. There is no need to build “towers” for God to recognize us. He’s already in love with us because of our union with His Son. Thanks be to God!

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.

Grace & Peace, Neil