Letters from Neil | March 30th, 2020

May 31, 2020  |  Redemption AZ

March 30, 2020

Good morning Salties,

I’m back in the office with lots to do. Would you pray with me that God will allow us to get ahead of this virus so that we begin to see the numbers of infections and deaths going down?

After watching our worship service yesterday, I couldn’t help but think about the many names of our great God. Here’s one that’s not talked about too often:

Jehovah Nissi-The Lord is my Banner-Exodus 17:15-16

Here, after the defeat of the Amalekites, Moses erects an altar and calls it, the Lord-Is-My-Banner.  A banner is not necessarily a flag as we think of it, but a standard (a pole or rod.)  Remember the poles for our street lights are light “standards.”  In Numbers 21, Moses raised another banner (or standard, or rod, pole, etc.)  The people of God were being bitten by venomous snakes and God told Moses to place a bronze serpent on a standard and as long as the people looked to that banner they would be healed.  Fast forward to John 3, and Jesus tells Nicodemus that in the same way Moses lifted up a serpent in the wilderness, so He also will be lifted up.  Jesus is our Banner.  Only by looking to Him in faith will we have peace in this turbulent time.

Love in Christ, Neil