Letters from Neil | April 29th, 2020

May 31, 2020  |  Redemption AZ

April 29, 2020

Good morning Salties & friends,

Another warm one today. Thanks for your prayers for our staff; one of them is back to work.

Yesterday we said Noah was an example of one not conformed to this world. Like him, we are to be different in our attitude and our reactions. That is a demonstration of our faith and how much we believe God. It will be evident in the way we refuse to reflect the deluded attitudes of the world around us, in the way we refuse to give way to the urge for materialistic gain; in the way we refuse to retaliate when someone abuses us or takes advantage of us; in the way we refuse to lie to one another, because we must love enough to tell each other the truth. 

Continuing our study in Genesis beginning 7:2. Noah is instructed to take 7 clean animals. We have here a division between clean and unclean animals. It is interesting that this is recognized long before the Law was ever given. Because the distinction is made before the law, Noah must have understood by divine revelation the idea of sacrifice; the requirement of an atoning blood sacrifice much like Abel (Genesis 4:4) and Job (Job 1:5.) Clean animals were taken into the ark in order to provide the sacrifices which Noah performs as he comes out of the ark. The idea of a “clean” animal actually represents purity, meaning it would be an acceptable sacrifice for another while for an “unclean” animal, shedding its blood would only cover its own impurity. Because the unclean animal is pure, it doesn’t deserve the punishment and so is acceptable as an atoning sacrifice. Hebrews 7:26-28 shows that because Jesus is unstained by sin and perfectly pure forever, He was qualified to enter into the heavenly sanctuary on our behalf. He was “a lamb without blemish or spot,” able to offer HIs precious blood for us.

Even though Noah was obedient, he did ALL that God commanded him, he walked with God and was called righteous by God, he was still required to bring clean animals with him and his family on to the ark for sacrifice. That proves that Noah was not perfect and all that was said about him didn’t qualify him to be saved. Like everyone who has ever been saved, it was by grace through faith. Thanks be to God!

Love, Neil