Letters from Neil | April 23rd, 2020

May 31, 2020  |  Redemption AZ

April 23, 2020

Good morning Salties & Friend,

It’s another beautiful day but it’s going to get hot soon enough. I hope all is well with you. We’re going to continue looking at Genesis today, verse by verse.

It is in 6:17 where for the first time God tells Noah exactly how the destruction He promised will take place. He says a “flood of waters.” The Hebrew word for flood (mabbul) used here for the first time only applies to the Noahic flood. Various other Hebrew words are used for floods throughout the rest of Scripture except in Psalm 29:10 where mabbul is used. That means that Ps 29:10 is referring to this one. The magnitude of the destruction is also clarified in verse 17, “Everything that is on the earth shall die.” This is clearly a worldwide flood. In both Matt 24 and Luke 17 Jesus describes the future judgment of His 2nd coming being like the judgment described here. John MacArthur said “The lesson of the flood is that God will destroy all who rebel against Him, even if it means the whole human race. But in that destruction, He will save those who trust Him, even if it’s only eight.”

In verse 18 we find the first use of the word covenant in Scripture. A covenant creates a new state of relationship based on commitment. God’s covenants are an expression of His gracious commitment and faithfulness. The covenants that God establishes are never based on the merit of the other party, in this case Noah. His covenants are completely based on His sovereign choice to bless the other and are not conditional. Because of God’s graciousness to Noah and his family the promised seed of the woman will still come despite the desperate ungodliness of Noah’s time.

What an assurance for those who can look to the promises God has made to us, His New Testament Church. Despite the sin and sickness all around God’s promise to never leave us stands. His promise that He will return and take us to be with Him stands, His promise to prepare a place for us stands, His promise to provide us with an inheritance that is imperishable stands as do all his other promises. 

Noah could not sink, drift away or be destroyed once he entered the safety of the ark. Nor can we, because of God’s everlasting promises in Jesus and not anything we can do for ourselves. 

Love in Christ, Neil