Sherry Simon

Aaron Kass / October 12, 2015

My husband Roger and I married in 1988 and have two amazing kids – son Cory and daughter Jordan. Cory is a 2018 graduate of ASU in Finance and works for Northern Trust. Jordan is in the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College at ASU and is planning a career as a bi-lingual elementary educator! We’re almost “empty nesters”, as Cory is on his own and Jordan is never home! LOL!! And we’re kinda liking it!!

I have been attending Redemption since 2001.  I always thought I was a believer (grew up in a “mixed marriage” of a Methodist mom and Catholic dad). It wasn’t until I started attending Women’s Ministry and serving in the kitchen that I realized I WASN’T saved! Good Friday, 2001 found me on my knees, blubbering like an idiot realizing the magnitude of my sin and in awe that He would send His only son for ME! I haven’t looked back!

I love serving the women of Redemption. My passion comes from the fact that it was through this ministry that God saved me! I look forward to what He has in store for me and the women of Redemption!