To know me, is to know my family. My mother and father, born in the depression era, modeled quiet servanthood to their family, friends, church, and community. They had 6 children of which I am the youngest. I observed the burdens they carried in life and their love and confidence in Jesus. Those burdens and their love have shaped me into the person I am today. Abuse, addiction, and incarceration touched the lives of some of my siblings. This gave me a perspective and sense of compassion, at an early age, to the struggles and fears of this life.

I knew that I wanted to help people myself, but didn’t know exactly how. I attended a Christian college, where I met my best friend Jill. We married, and served domestically and internationally in ministry, but God had an alternate and unexpected path for us to take. It was only upon moving to Arizona that we really understood that “All of life is all for Jesus” and there is no distinction between the secular and the sacred. ALL IS SACRED. This truth has profoundly impacted and liberated us, and we are striving to instill it deeply into our 4 great kids, Sophia, Lola, Isabella, and Keifer (my man cub).