Neil Pitchel

Aaron Kass / December 1, 2015

Kate and I were married in Boston on August 20, 1977. We have lived in the valley since 1989. We have a daughter Cali who is a Director of Marketing for a google analytics firm in Seattle. Our son David works for Chase as a mortgage originator and lives in Gilbert. We’re all avid sports fans (mostly Boston teams). Kate and I love to travel, especially on cruises.

I was raised in a Jewish family in Boston so I knew nothing of Biblical Christianity until I first heard the gospel while a student at UMASS. After many years of struggling with the difference between my Jewish upbringing and the “gospel of grace” I decided Jesus was a great teacher and prophet like Abraham or Moses. Then I read “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis and had to decide if Jesus was Lord, liar or lunatic. After reading the New Testament and watching the lives of Christians I knew there was only one possibility that He was indeed my Lord and Savior.