Mason Gailfus

Aaron Kass / October 1, 2015

My wife, Dani, and I were married in 2014. We have enjoyed the growth God has begun in our hearts through this new chapter of life together.

I was born and raised here in Arizona. My family was not really a church going family except for holidays. I began going to Redemption Church¬†when I was in Jr. High. I went through student ministries and was saved at a Summer Camp my freshman year. My mother passed away that following year and that was a real test of my “new” faith. But God has only grown me more and more in my trust in Him since. I began working with¬†the Production Team my senior year of high school. My wife and I met that same year and began dating soon after. Redemption Gilbert has been my home for years and I have loved serving in any way God needs me.