MaryAnn Little

Aaron Kass / September 30, 2015

My husband Jim and I married in 1993. We’re a blended family, and share 5 kids and 2 grandkids. A bit of his, mine and ours, and we’re here to say…it works.

I was raised in a loving Catholic family and didn’t know Christ as my Savior. At 20 years old, an elderly couple kept asking me to go to church with them. One Sunday, I agreed. God saved me a week later. It was not the happily ever after story….But God (I love the But God) was there for me through every hard time and taught me more than I could have imagined. He really loves me!!!

We’ve been attending Redemption since 1998 and have served in different ministries including Childrens, Womens, and leading a Friday night Redemption Community together. Then joined staff in 2007 and have loved being a part of this body and serving in a church where God is glorified and His Word is taught.