Kayla Lammers

patrickbuck / March 4, 2019

My husband Matt and I were married on Pi Day (3.1415) and we have two kids: Skyler and Isaac.

I grew up in a literal one stoplight town outside of Savannah, GA. I am one of eight, with six brothers and one sister. While I’m not from a Christian family, I did grow up attending church. It wasn’t until my Freshman year of college that everything finally “clicked” for me.

We moved to Arizona in January 2017 for Matt’s job. We moved out here not knowing anything or anyone in the Phoenix area. I attended Redemption for the first time in July of that year, and immediately fell in love. I’ve been here ever since. My biggest passion in life is serving the “next generation” and guiding them to a place where their faith in their own.