My story began in 1993 in Chandler, Arizona. Born to Lisa and Bill Litzau, I joined their happy family of 4. Oh yeah, and there’s also my brother Derek.

My childhood was pretty uneventful, only two trips to the hospital due to my small child brain running into things. I played all kinds of sports and never had any injuries from them though. From football to soccer to basketball to baseball, I played it all. I stopped playing sports around High School to focus on my friends and video games.

Nothing really happened in High School until my Senior Year when I found my first job. Starting at our Church (then, East Valley Bible Church) in 2010 as a community service worker. I landed a job here in Facilities after about a month. A couple of years later in 2013 I left the church to join my Dad in going to Texas. I really didn’t like Texas at all. It made me miss Arizona so much that in one year I was back, and in more than one way. I returned to where it all started for me and nothing made me feel more at home. Nine years going on 10 years, let’s see where my story goes from here!