Faith Herrera

Aaron Kass / September 30, 2015

I married Jessie Herrera in 1991. Our immediate family consists of 2 kids and 7 grandkids. Our daughter Britney and her husband Aaron Kass have given us four beautiful grandchildren – Rylee Mae, Rory Aaron, and Jovi Augusta. Jessie’s son, Jessie Jr, is married to his wife Faith and have three children – Chance, Trinity and Nathan. (Yes, two Jessie’s and two Faith’s)

I was born in Columbus, IN. I grew up going to church with aunts and uncles or the local church van would pick me up. God saved me at the age of 8. I was exposed to many different theologies and cultures. I moved to Arizona in 1982 with my mom and step dad. It wasn’t until Jessie and I started attending Redemption where God opened my eyes to His sovereignty and His “amazing grace” which grew my faith. I appreciate the solid teaching of His truth and the gospel through scripture. I’m also thankful He loves me in spite of me. I’ve been on staff at the church since July 2002, having served in Womens, Students, CGI, Administration and now the Commons Café as an Assistant Manager. Wherever they need me I will go!