I am an Arizona native and moved to Gilbert from Mesa in 2000. I grew up in a christian house hold where I attended a christian preschool and elementary school all the way up until we moved. That is when we visited┬áRedemption Church. My parents got me plugged into a student ministries small group and sent me to my first summer camp. I realized I was living two different lives between school and church. God opened my eyes to the fact that I was more about religion than relationship. It wasn’t until I was a senior that I really grasped the whole concept of saved by grace and what a relationship with Him looks like. I realized I wanted to serve in student ministries and disciple students just like my leaders had with me.

I recently was married in July of 2014 to Mason Gailfus who I met through student ministries. His servants heart and love for God attracted me right away. God continues to use our relationship to push me closer to him. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be part of His story and placed this community of people around me as we work to spread His glory.