Cindy Kirstein

Aaron Kass / September 29, 2015

I was born and raised, along with my three sisters, in Northern New York, 45 minutes from the Canadian border. I graduated from ASU with a BA in Elementary Education and a minor in Child Psychology. Married my best friend, Kenneth, in 1992. We have four children, Lucas, Lauren, Samuel and Emily, as well as two beautiful grandchildren.

Both my husband and I grew up in a legalistic church and in our early adult lives we both left the church. We became engaged and started looking for a church to get married in. Through friends we found a church that we liked and started premarital counseling. God used this church and the pastor to save us both during this weekly counseling.

We eventually found Redemption Church to attend in 1999. God has used Redemption Church to strengthen my relationship with Him, to learn His Word and to rest in His grace and mercy.