Brian Berger

Aaron Kass / October 21, 2015

I am married to Julie Berger. We are both native Arizonans. In fact, our dads both graduated from Coronado HS together in 1969. We have two kids, Katelyn and Tyler. We live in Chandler. We love sports, board games, and sharing our lives with our Redemption Community.

I trusted in Christ for my salvation as a 7th grader at a Scottsdale Bible Church winter camp in 1989. I was already a fairly moral kid, a good student, a pretty good athlete, and now I had Jesus. It seemed to me to be the icing on an already pretty good cake.

It wasn’t until my Junior year at Arizona State that I really started to understand the truth about who I was. It was a terrifying thought that God searches mind and heart rather than outward appearance. In my heart, I was indifferent towards God and zealous for baseball. I didn’t live for his pleasure, I lived for the approval of man. I felt like every moral act I’d ever committed was done more to keep up an appearance rather than out of service to the Lord Jesus.

I found Christian Community in ASU’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I also started to attend East Valley Bible Church with my girlfriend and┬áTyler Johnson,┬ámy teammate. It was there that God started to show me how the cross of Christ was way better than I had ever before imagined it to be. I’m still walking a narrow path today thanks to God’s grace and the many people in our church that walked with me, encouraged me, and taught me along the way.