Brenda Poarch

Aaron Kass / September 29, 2015

Native to Arizona, but spent my childhood living in Texas and Alabama before returning to Arizona in 1977. Mom raised us up in a Southern Baptist church and then started attending our local Air Force base church where I was involved in ministry. Even though at a young age I loved Jesus, I did not fully understand the relationship I needed to have with him, because it was still all about me and the things in the world I loved.

After marrying my husband, Justin in 1992, and having two beautiful daughters Rianna Rae and Cierra Jean, life for me became unfulfilled. Broken over my sin, God put it in my heart to diligently seek Him. He orchestrated friends and events that lead me to this church where I began to grow in my faith. I’m so bless to have a God that is loving, patient, full of grace and mercy. I love working here, because each day I get to experience what Jesus looks like through each brother and sister in Christ I serve alongside with. And I love them all!