I am an Arizona native, born & raised. Grew up playing athletics of all kinds, but devoted much of my time to golf, playing competitively through high school. It was about that time, in the wake of finding Redemption Church, that God brought me to grips with the idols of worship in my life, radically bringing clarity to the depths of my sin and my need for a Savior. From that point on, with tremendous freedom I began aiming to live all my life, for Jesus.

Within a short amount of time after that, I would meet my wife, Britney, in Redemption Youth. We would go on to date a few years before getting married in July of 2006. We have 3 children: Rylee, Rory, and Jovi.

I have attended Redemption since 1998 and have been on staff since 2004. A lot of life has happened since, but one prayer remains the same–that I may be small, so God may be made much of, and glorified.