I was born in 1973 in Mesa, Arizona and was raised by two hard-working parents who gave up nearly every comfort to provide for their six children.  Our home was a safe place – one of integrity, order and discipline.  I have five older siblings.  When I was five, my grandmother insisted on buying me a piano and my parents somehow managed to scrape up the funds to put me in piano lessons.  A fun story on the discipline of our home…I remembrer a moment where my dad told me that if he ever had to practice my music, he would get a hatchet and use the wood from the piano to fire it up!  Dad is a man of his word, a point for which i extend great honor  – but I was pretty sure he wasn’t kidding, so I probably drove the family nuts with all the piano playing.  

But The Lord uses everything, so he’s afforded me the opportunity to use that skill and passion for music in the Church in general, and Redemption Church in particular.   I’ve been on staff at Redemption in one capacity or another since 1998 and have enjoyed the journey immensely.  

For me, the greatest joy in my many years here has been the constant illumination of the scriptures and the preaching, which has always been incredible.   Growing up with  significant residue from a holiness tradition – one where you measure your relationship to The Lord with an assessment of your own obedience to the Law – I have been challenged on a weekly basis to trust in Christ alone and lean into the hope of Christ and rejoice in the Gospel.  Jesus is my hope, and I know I offer him nothing of value.  God is satisfied in Christ alone, and I’m the recipient of his grace and favor BECAUSE of Jesus.  

I have the great privilege of managing the Commons, and serving in worship ministries on a regular basis.

I’m married to Debbie Bower, my delight since 1997 and have two beautiful children, Harrison and Makenna.  We live in Chandler.