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Finding Your Place in Foster Care

The ‘Finding Your Place in Foster Care Orientation’ is an introduction to foster care, adoption and support in Arizona.


It will emphasize the State of Arizona’s licensing process but ways to engage in caring for this population aside from taking in a child will also be discussed. If you are interested in support roles this will also be an excellent time to understand a child who is coming from a hard place (helpful if you want to be a mentor, etc.) and it will also provide a better understanding of what a foster or adoptive family will go through (making you helpful from an understanding point of view).  A panel of active families will share real life experiences and answer questions.


This orientation will emphasize that our faith is both our motivation for doing foster care, adoption and support as well as our sustaining grace in this ministry.

When & Where

Thursday, October 28 // 6:00PM
Redemption Gilbert // Room 100


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