Compassion & Care

Serving Redemption Gilbert Church

We want to help those who are hurting find healing and hope in Jesus. We want to help those who need guidance find purpose and wisdom in God’s word. We want all people to experience God’s grace applied to their lives.

Compassion & Care

Redemption Gilbert’s Compassion and Care Team seeks to care for those in the community of our church. Our desire is to love those in need and crisis in a tangible way as we seek to love our neighbor as ourselves.

We come alongside individuals and families in the midst of painful circumstances (e.g., a hospitalization, grieving the loss of a loved one, or living with a terminal illness) all for the glory of God. We desire to help carry their burden by loving, encouraging, and serving them in practical ways such as preparing/delivering meals, spending time visiting them in the hospital, doing yard work or housecleaning, and helping them with transportation.

If you have a need, or you would like to serve with us, please fill out the form below.

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