To help as you prepare for Sunday Services online.

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship,
to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”
Acts 2:42

Communion has been at the heart of the Christian faith since the night that Jesus transformed the Passover meal with his disciples.

Around the world, over thousands of years, followers of Jesus have gathered together around the table to celebrate and remember the life, death and resurrection of our Lord. From huge, public gatherings, to small, hidden meetings, eating and drinking together in remembrance of Him has been at the center of these moments.

Although we are currently apart due to this viral outbreak, the church will still celebrate the Lord’s Supper. The church around the world is currently confined to our homes but this moment is an opportunity to bring us all together in the shared experience of communion.

The church dispersed is still the church. Let us eat and drink together.

In preparation for celebrating communion in your home, you will need to gather the elements that you and your family will use to eat and drink. Although bread and wine (or grape juice) have traditionally been used to mark the meal, in these challenging times, those specific elements may be hard for you to acquire. Feel free to substitute whatever you have on hand to celebrate together.

The important thing is not the materials involved but the heart of the celebration.