Book Recommendation + Review | A Praying Life

July 21, 2020  |  Redemption AZ

By Aaron Bower, Pastor of The Commons Coffeehouse & Bookstore

A Praying Life (Paul E. Miller)

Over the past several years at Redemption Gilbert, A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller has become the go-to starting point for a book to open or deepen an understanding of prayer. Sometimes books become well-known because of the winning personality of a writer, a clever publishing team, or a well-designed marketing plan. And as much as I love and appreciate Paul E. Miller and NavPress/Tyndale, I would submit that this book has none of those. I submit this book has become such a strong presence because it helps answer and frame the vacuum in our Christian hearts to understand and partake in the discipline and mystery of prayer. Prayer that is authentic. Prayer that is difficult and raw. Prayer often born in unbelief but pointing us to faith. Prayer that is disciplined. Prayer that is led by the Spirit and is dependent – not upon us but upon Christ. 

“come boldly before the throne of grace”

Paul Miller

Paul E. Miller does the work of a master craftsman in helping us see prayer in a new light that is clear and biblical – not theoretical. Of course, there is discussion on the theology of prayer, but the greatest gift of this book is on understanding how prayer in life affects us and changes us – fully believing that prayer and communion with Christ is there in the tragedy and in the mundane of life. His stories of prayer’s influence on Miller’s life and dependence on Jesus will bring you to tears and make your faith in God soar. You’ll learn how he struggled with prayer, and even practical tools to develop this spiritual discipline that is – in the end – a blessing, that we should “come boldly before the throne of grace.”

A Praying Life is available now in The Commons for $12!