Book Recommendation + Review | New Morning Mercies

July 7, 2020  |  Redemption AZ

By Aaron Bower, Pastor of The Commons Coffeehouse & Bookstore

Here’s the bottom line. The Christian life, the church, our faith are not about us, they’re about Him – His plan, His kingdom, His glory.” 

-Paul David Tripp

New Morning Mercies (Paul David Tripp)

Short, quippy, clever devotionals are kind of a ‘dime a dozen’ – a genre of books that are frequently over-valued but typically under-deliver. GREAT devotionals are, however, a goldmine of truth and hope for our view of Christ and how He heals our brokenness. New Morning Mercies is the latter. This could well be the gold-standard for devotionals by which future devotionals are measured – perhaps for generations. And for one fundamental reason – It is focused solely upon the Gospel of Christ. Tripp, one of the finest teachers of biblical counseling has seen the brokenness of sin firsthand in ways many of us haven’t, which gives deep root to his premise that it is only in the gospel of Jesus that we find freedom. It is in that gospel that we can have true hope and that – despite our circumstance – we can prayerfully believe that “Through the Gospel, we learn that Christ will conquer our deepest brokenness and bring ultimate, unbreakable, and irreversible restoration.”

For some, the Gospel is remembered, as though it’s something that happened in the rear-view mirror, but Paul David Tripp appropriately re-frames our view of the Gospel into the foreground – into the ‘every day.’ And it is in resonating with the idea that we should “preach the Gospel to ourselves daily” that he offers us these beautiful, hopeful, and many times challenging gospel devotionals for each day of the year. Read this book to be reminded in your mind, heart, and in your prayers that Christ is the King overall, and that He has come to save His people from their sin – to frame this world in light of Christ’s redeeming love, and to believe fully in His kingdom.

You can purchase New Morning Mercies at The Commons Cafe counter for $15!