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Redemption AZ / May 1, 2020
Book Recommendations

By Aaron Bower, Pastor of The Commons Coffeehouse & Bookstore

I have a confession – I love Children’s Books. 

Some of my fondest memories as a child are of being read to by teachers and parents – brothers and sisters. Stories of heroes and villains, princes and princesses, sinners and saints, kingdoms and prisons. Grand-themed stories that transcend age, stage, ethnicity and geography.

Of course, we grow up and can easily forget those stories but the greatest story in the history of the world – the Bible – is the story of God redeeming fallen men and women from the tragedy of their willful disobedience. It is bigger, better, and is grander than all of the other stories combined. And what’s more – it’s a TRUE story.

There are not many books I would recommend to everyone – but this is one. Sally Lloyd-Jones weaves a magnificent tapestry of Jesus in every story and reminds us that in scripture, “every story whispers HIS name.” I adore this book and you will too. Oh, and if they ever get it out of your hands, your kids are going to LOVE IT. 

Read it to be reminded that a childlike appeal to God is something to be desired – we are, after all, His Children. 

Spoiler Alert: “Everything Sad Becomes Untrue”

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