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Redemption AZ / April 15, 2020
Book Recommendations

By Aaron Bower, Pastor of The Commons Coffeehouse & Bookstore

“There are many elements that go into the total concept of fellowship, as it is described in the New Testament, but the sharing together in suffering is one of the most profitable. It probably unites our hearts together in Christ more than any other aspect of fellowship.”

Trusting God by Jerry Bridges


For anyone who knows me and my connection to books, they know I place the Jerry Bridges at a high place of honor on my bookshelf.

He is profound yet simple – lofty yet attainable.  He digs like a scholar but delivers like a friend.  I’ve read some of his books half a dozen of times, and most of the others at least once.

Trusting God is one of those books that I suspect will meet me in profound, significant ways in this season for sure – because it has in every other season of life since I first cracked the cover on my first read.  It is always right to trust God, because He is always trustworthy.

Read this book to be reminded that God is fully in control, is fully good, completely trustworthy and that he is a “strong tower where the righteous run and are safe.”  

Here are a couple of places you can order this book from:

Westminister Bookstore

Amazon Please note: allows the buyer to allocate a few % to a non-profit of your choice (Redemption Gilbert would be a great choice!)