New Series: Titus

Aaron Kass / March 31, 2016

For the next eight weeks we will be studying the 46 verses that make up the book of Titus.

The book is written by Paul to a man named Titus. Titus is mentioned over a dozen times in the new Testament and yet we know very little about him.

Although Paul usually tends to write his letters to the whole church, the book of Titus is one of only a handful of books that is written to the leader of that church. This gives us unique insight as to how God views Elders and families in the church, while at the same time still focusing on key elements of the Christian faith like Grace and Works.

Our eight weeks will be broken up as followed:

Serving The God Who Doesn’t Lie (1:1-4)

Elders (1:5-9)

Empty Talkers (1:10-16)

Living Out Doctrine at Home (2:1-10)

Grace Trains (2:11-15)

Saved by Grace (3:1-7)

Saved for Works (3:8)

Don’t Be Dumb (3:9-15)

We look forward to what God will teach us through His Word in Titus.  It never fails us, and we hope you’ll learn and grow closer to God through this study.


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