Who We Are

We believe that students are an important, integral part of the body of Christ and we recognize that the teenage years can be some of the most challenging and formative in a person’s life. We desire to support parents by providing a community that values teenagers and models the beauty and truth of God’s word to them. With the diversity of our congregations, ministering to students takes on different forms from one Redemption congregation to another.

to dwell in God's presence
to have God dwell in us
to dwell on the things of God


Dwell is our mid week ministry for students grades 7-12. We meet Wednesday nights from 7pm to 8:45 for worship, teaching, prayer and small groups. With our name in mind, our desire is to:

  1. to have God dwell in us.
  2. dwell in the presence of God
  3. dwell on the things of God.

The word dwell is often the expression used to describe God’s passion for and relationship with his people.


We do two camps each year for students. These camps have proven to be incredibly important and very effective parts of our ministry. We are consistently amazed at God’s faithfulness to bless the time we set aside to get away, remove distractions and narrow our focus. Winter Camp and Summer Camp are great opportunities for students to grow in their relationship with Christ and one another.

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