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Exodus is a book about the God who makes himself known in a world where he’s been long-forgotten. This fall we’ll be walking […]

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Faithful: Daniel

The prophets were correct – Judah and Jerusalem lay in ruins. Sacked so completely by Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, these two cities went so far […]

Faithful: Joseph

It occurred thousands of years ago but it has all the elements of a modern day drama: a dysfunctional family, a favored child, […]

Who Is This?

Throughout the Gospels, those who encounter Jesus have difficulty processing what they are experiencing. In their confusion, amazement, and awe, they are often […]


The phrase you keep hearing around Redemption Church is “Gospel Centered / Outward Focused.” This slogan has powerfully shaped who we are and […]


A letter written by James, the brother of Jesus and leader of the Jerusalem church. It is filled with practical wisdom for believers […]


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