Redemption Classes

What Are Classes?

Classes provide an opportunity for people to gain deeper biblical knowledge and applicational wisdom in a social, interactive environment. Each Redemption congregation provides their own selection of classes. The topics, format, and timing of the classes are determined by the leaders of the respective congregations and vary from one to the other.

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Starting Point

Discovering Life at Redemption

We invite you to a one-time gathering to meet Redemption pastors, find out more about the church, ask questions, and learn how to take the next step.

For more information on upcoming Starting Point or other Gilbert classes, please contact Summer Montoya below.

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Current Classes

Sundays, September 17-October 8

Reading Your Bible Better
9:30am  |  No Charge
Many don’t read the Bible as much as they would like because they find it difficult to understand or dry and boring. This course will provide basic interpretive skills and practices that will help you to understand the Scriptures and see their relevance in your life.

Teacher: Brett Berger

Sundays, September 17-November 5

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands
9:30am  | Cost: $20
8-week class to equip you to live out God’s calling to all Christians to disciple and counsel brothers/sisters in Christ when they struggle with the sin and suffering of life. If you need assistance covering the class cost, please email us.

Sundays, October 22-November 12

11:00am  | No Charge
Knowing and believing the good news of king Jesus has reconciled us with God. Now what? What does everyday life as a Christian supposed to look like? This class will study the Apostle Paul’s letter to his beloved church plant in Philippi. Join us as we look at the pattern of an everyday life with Jesus that brings Hope, Humility, and Joy.

Special Classes

Preparation for Marriage Class

This ministry gives couples training and knowledge to deal with key issues that may arise in marriage. Recommended for any couple considering marriage, even prior to engagement.

Please email Diana Mercier for more info and to see when the next class is happening.

Prep for Marriage & Wedding Application


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