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Songs We Sing.

Curious what songs we’ll be singing on Sunday? Check us out on Spotify AND follow us! We encourage you to listen to these […]

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New Series: Titus

Aaron Kass / March 31, 2016

For the next eight weeks we will be studying the 46 verses that make up the book of Titus.

Sermon Clip: Politics

Aaron Kass / March 10, 2016

We are currently in our sermon series entitled All of Life, and this past week we focused on politics.

NEW Series: All of Life

Aaron Kass / February 25, 2016

The Gospel of Jesus is not just for Sundays. It is Good News for every day and for every part of our life. […]

M25 Collection Sunday

Aaron Kass / February 24, 2016

Church mark your calendars for our #M25 collection Sunday on March 13th. Below is the organization we’re collecting for and their needs. OCJ Kids […]

Sermon Clip: When Idols Fall

Aaron Kass / January 28, 2016

“When we cry out to God in our pain, be prepared for God to work on you before he works for you”. -Pastor […]

Lefties & Women

Aaron Kass / January 22, 2016

The only thing we contribute to our rescue, is our cry to God. And when we cry out…we rest in the assurance that […]


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