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Aaron Kass / May 23, 2016

Like the “Netflix” of Spiritual Growth

Women: Summer 2016

Aaron Kass / May 20, 2016

Summer Class 1: Breaking Bread Spend time with other women as we contemplate the little “yeasts” in our lives while making and breaking bread! Cost:  […]

Sermon Clip: Saved by Grace

Aaron Kass / May 11, 2016 / Titus 3:1-7

Grace is not revealed as a concept, idea, or force. Grace is revealed in a Person. And His name is Jesus.

Sermon Clip: Living Out Doctrine at Home

Aaron Kass / April 27, 2016 / Titus 2:1-10

As a Christian, your identity is not found in what you do, rather your identity is found in the work Christ has done on […]

Sermon Clip: Elders

Aaron Kass / April 14, 2016

As we make our way through the book of Titus, Pastor Tim had some great reminders about what discipleship looks like in the […]

New Series: Titus

Aaron Kass / March 31, 2016

For the next eight weeks we will be studying the 46 verses that make up the book of Titus.

Sermon Clip: Politics

Aaron Kass / March 10, 2016

We are currently in our sermon series entitled All of Life, and this past week we focused on politics.

NEW Series: All of Life

Aaron Kass / February 25, 2016

The Gospel of Jesus is not just for Sundays. It is Good News for every day and for every part of our life. […]


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